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  • Client: Vanity Fair Italia

  • Talents: Emilio Insolera & Carola Insolera

  • Release: January 30th, 2019

London, December 22nd, 2018

BSLZone's Exclusive Interview to Deaf Actor and Producer Emilio Insolera about his feature film Sign Gene.

Sign Gene star Emilio Insolera gives his first exclusive interview to BSLZone about Sign Gene: The First Deaf Superheroes.  

Emilio Insolera, star, writer, producer and director of "Sign Gene: The First Deaf Superheroes" meets the BSLZone team and gives his first exclusive interview about his first film. 

On BZSLZone, Insolera  takes an in-depth look at the film; in particular its linguistics and the visual effects used. If you want to know more about Deaf history, culture and language, make sure you watch this interesting video on 


Emilio Insolera, is an actor and producer known for "Sign Gene" the world's first feature film about deaf superheroes with superpowers through the use of sign language. One of his main statements is that deafness and in particular sign language is his superpower. Insolera has received positive critics from Los Angeles Times, Pacific Standard, The Japan Times, NHK, Avvenire to Corriere della Sera. In November, he appeared on the cover of Tokyo Weekender magazine.  


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