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  • Client: Vanity Fair Italia

  • Talents: Emilio Insolera & Carola Insolera

  • Release: January 30th, 2019

London, January 25th, 2019

Vanity Fair Italia's fashion story with deaf actor Emilio Insolera and deaf model Carola Insolera set to be released on January 30th.

Sign Gene star Emilio Insolera and supermodel Carola Insolera will be appearing on Vanity Fair Italia's fashion story. The magazine is set to be released on January 30th. 

The Insoleras once again mark history. Beside being the world’s first deaf couple active in the film and fashion industry, they will be the world’s first deaf couple on Vanity Fair Italia’s fashion editorial as protagonists.  

On Vanity Fair Italia number 5 coming out on January 30th, the deaf actor Emilio Insolera and deaf model Carola Insolera will be featuring, in all their naturalness and charm, on several pages with full shot each. A videoclip of them will be featured on Vanity Fair Italia’s official website. 


This is followed after their first shooting together by worldwide celebrity photographer, Leslie Kee which appeared on the main poster for his 20th anniversary photo exhibition “We Are Love” in Tokyo last November 2018.


Emilio Insolera, is an actor and producer known for "Sign Gene" the world's first feature film about deaf superheroes with superpowers through the use of sign language. One of his main statements is that deafness and in particular sign language is his superpower. Insolera has received positive critics from Los Angeles Times, Pacific Standard, The Japan Times, NHK, Avvenire to Corriere della Sera. In November, he appeared on the cover of Tokyo Weekender magazine.  


Carola Insolera is a supermodel known for being the only and most active deaf professional  in the fashion industry that works without interpreters with the purpose to instaurate a direct communication with the team and to emerge authentic works. Her infamous quote "Simple: pictures have no sound" She has worked for various fashion brands and was featured in various magazines.  Famed italian photographer Stefano Guindani had stated that it was an unique experience working with Carola. In the film “Sign Gene”, Insolera played Kate Massieu, the leading character Tom Clerc’s girlfriend. 


Cristina Marzocca


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